Digital generation in the making’



Mobile phone-based internet is growing more effective with every passing day in solving real life problems of people in remote areas of the country, according to Grameenphone’s chief executive officer Rajeev Sethi.
At the same time, he points out, it is playing a part in increasing skilled labour and creating entrepreneurs.

“And through mobile phone and various internet-based services, Grameenphone is playing a part in social empowerment,” says the head of the leading mobile telecom operator.

Rajeev Sethi, who is serving as CEO at the company since 1 December 2014, believes the power of internet is infinite and in a country like Bangladesh, the use of Internet is even more important.
“It is indeed an amazing thing for a youngster living in a secluded village in Bangladesh,” he said referring to his visit to a remote area in Barisal recently.

“There, I happened to talk to a young man. I asked him, ‘What do you do with the Internet?’ He said he works as a freelancer on the internet. I have seen many such examples in this country.”

Sethi observed that the internet is changing the lifestyle of people in remote areas. “We are working to bring about a positive change in the society using the internet”.



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