Gold price drops again



Bangladesh Jewelry Samity (Bajus) has once again reduced the price of gold Tk 1225 per vori (11.664g). Silver price decreased Tk 58 on same amount.
A Friday press release signed by Bangladesh Jewelry Samity (Bajus) general secretary Enamul Haque says, new rate will come in effect from Saturday.

The market has been observing ups and downs in gold rate for last two years.
Last time, gold price decreased to Tk 1225 per vori on 8 November. Before that, local businessmen raised gold price up to Tk 1500 per vori in 17 October.

The press release said, new rate has set with consent of every member in steering committee.
In new rate, 22 karat per vori gold will sell at Tk 41,290. Besides, 21 karat per vori will sell at Tk 39,191 while 18 karat’s price has set to Tk 32,542.

Old standard gold will sell at Tk 21,462 and 21 karat (cadmium) silver vori to be sold at Tk 875.



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