Digital ICT exhibition from 20 January



“Go with a vision to serve the ICT slogan the city’s New Elephant Road Computer City Center 0. Starting from January, the six-day fair of digital ICT. Saptamabarera at the fair until 5 January. City Centre store owner simati host computer. The logo was unveiled Sunday match.

The Computer City Centre Shop Owners Association president and ehesana Tawfiq said convener of the fair, the fair is also being organized on a larger scale and jamkajamakabhabe. 650 institutions of host computers, laptops, tablets, cameras, closed-circuit cameras will show and sell different products to the latest technology. On the last day of the fair will be given to the contribution of the ICT sector Wise reception.

Students studying at the institute, said the organizers of the fair will be able to access free of charge. Fair entry fee of Rs 10. The fair sponsor HP, Asus, Samsung, Lenovo, Logitech, MSI, TP-Link, repo and iseta.


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