President Abdul Hamid coming kishoreganj in Azim Zddin school



In 1916, Ki was established on the east side of the Narasunda banks Azim Uddin High School. Azim Uddin High School in 1922 Bengali era krtichatra rebati Mohan Barman, Bihar, Orissa and Assam brammadesa under the Calcutta bisbabidyarayera Azim Uddin High School was ranked first in the combined merit list mettika examination. Azim Uddin High School of the University of Calcutta in the same year of receiving the grant lists. Since then, his name spread abroad.

The hundred-year-old has passed a milestone in Kishoreganj traditional Azim Uddin High School. The three-day festival on Sunday to inaugurate the centenary anniversary of the coming president Ki. Abdul Hamid. All arrangements have been completed in the meantime. Items, Abdul Hamid, the last moments of summer. After years of the life of the congregation, to match the thousands of lekhapara former student at the school.

Students at the school were killed in the country’s first President, Syed Nazrul Islam, Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University Dr sub-continent renowned scientists. Osman Gani, many illustrious people barmanasaha revolutionary rebati allure. The school has passed through several hundred years of uphill-downhill. Pohalei Azim Uddin High School celebrated the centenary of the night. Talks about why the festival of color everywhere.


Azim Uddin High School, the students are listening to their favorite teachers in the face of tradition. They stood in a hundred-year period of the MS. President inaugurated the festival is coming to life. Abdul Hamid. Students delighted that so petty. The country abroad marking the occasion of the centenary of Azim Uddin High School’s former students were running around the roots causes.

Azim Uddin High School’s student Muhammad Abdul Latif, a prominent journalist and author, said, I am a former student at the school proud. Today I went back to the students. I celebrate the centenary of the media sub-committee has been convenor. It is a pride for me.

He said that the year of the presidential inauguration ceremony. Kisoraganjabasira school and for getting it.Sokarana Mukarram Hossain said Azim Uddin High School, a three-day program includes various programs.Sunday will begin at 10 am with a rally of Azim Uddin High School three days of the program. President. Abdul Hamid at 3 pm this afternoon to inaugurate the centenary celebrations stench.


He said, We are ready to welcome the President. Bangladesh Bank Governor diputi program to succeed and a former student of the school said. Dr. Abul Kashem convener and former students.Aa. Nho. Mo. Naushad Khan, member secretary of the festival committee has been formed. U-15 has also been formed. About half of the former students have registered their names. They will meet tomorrow at life.

Member centennial celebration. Aa. Nho. Mo. Naushad Khan, the host of the event was over. The President is now the last moments of summer. The former composition students at the school will be honored satabarsaputi. There are also several publications. The second and third day of the festival remains, memoirs, documentaries, music, painting, dance and ganasaha arranged in war. Renowned artists will take part in various cultural events.



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