The new series of Star Jalsa ‘memabau’



Again and again the story of the new series. The new series is “memabau. Star of the variety of this series can be seen in the role of hero Sourav Chakraborty aka isanake.

“Today, tomorrow traverse the expression ‘at the end of the audience, it was curiosity, the role of the new fragrance Daily sope back.

Star jalasa’s Facebook page after the release of a new series of promo part of the audience excited. However, this series iuesapi but not exactly flavor, but the main attraction is a series of hidden galpe ‘The son-in-law and foreign. The “foreigner bride” or “girl next door” issue has been practiced in this series.

In that respect a little “Old Wine in New Bottle: The series may be called. However, the audience will certainly be interesting storylines, having acquired a foreigner, country, and how to understand them in love with the son of a Bengali wedding and what will the next adhyayatii, banalibabu and ‘memasaheba any other country in the not so beautiful, and that will create a love triangle.

In addition, however, there is another matter. There is speculation studioparaya, some episodes of the series will be shot or abroad.

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