Man City at the top list



Bamsite forward to the referee blowing the final. Barnale assumed, they got one point. The ruthless hit. Barnaleke is cruel to defeat.

The last moment (93 minutes) lamre kasasiyelanira bhagyaprasuta controversial goals Arsenal have won. Theo Walcott was at the head of Alex to add cyambaraleinera. Gunner captain kasasiyelanira the ball might have hit. It also can not be ruled out the possibility of his stay through the off side. Arsenal’s victory was still a hero.

Sometimes lucky to play football. This victory brought ganarara gap with Manchester City at the top of the table.

Sunday’s other match, Manchester City 0-2 goals in the Premier League with Tottenham lose. This rate, however, was not sirsacyuta City. Their 18 points from seven matches. Tottenham second place with one point less. Liverpool (16 points) and Arsenal (14), third and fourth place respectively. Pep beginning of the intersecting pulled guyaradiolara flying Tottenham in the Premier League. On Monday, a suicide kolarabhera goals at White Hart Lane Tottenham took the lead nine minutes into the match. Dell doubled the lead 37 minutes dyke.

Tottenham and Arsenal, Manchester United took a point away from winning at Stoke. Anthony Marshall conceded that late goal to stay ahead of Manchester United match. Manchester United with 13 points, sixth in seven games.

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