Smart card distribution begins



Smart cards have been distributed among the citizens started. Uttara in Dhaka on Monday and Ramna police station and district away from the enclave primarily dasiyaracharate smart cards are being distributed. Today is Monday, October 26 to October 3 at the North City Ward 1 (Uttara) and Dhaka South City 19, 20 and 21, Ward (Ramna) smart cards will be distributed among the voters.

Call 105 if anyone can find information regarding the smart card distribution. The two types of service will be 22 useful in getting the national identity card. Taxpayers identification number, this application and the BO account is open, and renewal of driving licenses, the trade license, passport renewal, vehicle registration, job application, participate in the insurance scheme, purchase-sale of immovable property, marriage and divorce registration, bank accounts Opening, election voter identification, credit, gas, water and electricity connections, the official withdrawal of allowances, telephone and mobile connections, government subsidies, help and support, e-ticketing, admission to educational institutions, the accused and criminal identification, business identification number, and secure in the case of web log will be national ID number. However, the service was legally compulsory national identity number is not yet.


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