Three British scientists Nobel Prize in Physics 2016



This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics for three British scientists. They are J. David. Thaolesa, F. M. Duncan. And J. Haldane. Michael kastaralitja.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced Tuesday their names for this award.

The Nobel committee said in a press release, the three scientists to change state for a variety of materials through the discovery of an unknown world, has unveiled the door. Super Conductor of the study, to understand the behavior of super fluid and palata magnetic film superior mathematical method they use. Their innovations in electronics, has opened the door to new possibilities.

This year’s Nobel Prize in medicine on Monday announced the winners of the Swedish Institute of karolinaska. How pranikosa punahprakriyajata his element, he received the award for the discovery of Japan, scientists osumi iusinori.

The three physicists officially on 10 December in Stockholm, Sweden over the prizes will be given. The prize will receive 80 million Swedish University of Washington professor thaolesa kronarera half. The rest is a professor at Princeton University, MA. Haldane and Brown University professor Michael kastaralitja share.

Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel’s will, according to research, innovation and contribution to the welfare of humanity for the year medicine, physics, chemistry, literature, peace and economics are awarded the Nobel Prize.

Chemistry on Wednesday, Friday and tranquility in the economy next year’s Nobel winners will be announced on 10 October. The literature prize will be announced when bijiyara name, the date will be announced later, said the Nobel Prize website.

For material changes to the shape of the molecule neutrino mass to the particles of the invention and the Canadian Arthur B. McDonald’s Japan takaki kajita Nobel substance in the past year.


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