Shakib-Sisir couple did not get Ayanabaji ticket!



Shakib Al Hasan and dew couple always encouraged a variety of cultural activities. The all-rounder in the world of fans across the country, mostly Bengalis show-biz world. The famous couple sakhya with a lot of great stars! The movie itself was busy with his own short leisure moments, the film sees the Bangladeshi cricket superstar. Jamuna Future Park on October 4, when the blockbuster movie, the couple went to ayanabaji. But he came back to the haujaphula. The couple says the film’s producer team. Ayanabaji film production company of Tom creations official Rashidul Majid Mamun said, “This is a positive indication that the more we wonder Bengali films.

Shakib is one of the country’s high-profile celebrity couples sisira. They did not get a ticket to contact us if we fail without the other two sineplekse tickets. Shakib Al Hasan also told us it was surprised, but sorry we do not have tickets. But viewers of Bengali film was fascinated by this extraordinary curiosity. “

The maker ayanabajira Amitabh Reza said, “I heard. I worked as a model before Shakib advertising. And I also like his fans ekajanaanekera. But they buy tickets to go back over some of the worst that I could not show them. They may see the next show. But this haujaphula environment, the visitors own photo unmadana it a unique event for the Bengali film. It’s good to think about this issue. “


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