Shah Rukh’s birthday release “Rais’ movie trailer



Was to be released to celebrate Ramadan this year, Shah Rukh Khan, Rais. But Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’, the film was delayed for a year. There disturbance, 2017 priest released on January 26 the new film ‘Cain’. So the “Rais” There was uncertainty in the audience with the release of the film. However, he told the audience of all the fear away to pursue his 51st birthday in the upcoming 2 November release ‘raisera’ trailer.

The release of the film trailer released byaparamatra period. The hero of the day sitting in front of his house in Bandra raisera will inaugurate the trawler.

However, there was Karan Johar’s’ Ae Dil difficult to say the film is released on the day of salvation raisera trawlers. He made false rumors to pursue.

King Khan on his 50th birthday last year, “fan” picture was released trailer.

Currently, Shah Rukh Khan, “The Ring” is busy with shooting. Anushka Sharma in the film is the opposite.


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