Bangladesh Safety world: Moeen Ali



The England left-hander was called the security world Moeen Ali. The third and final one-day internationals against Bangladesh before Moin said at a news conference.

By the end of the third match of the series for the first two one-day international in Dhaka, Chittagong in Bangladesh and England. Moin impressed by the security measures in the capital city. Therefore, he said, forced the security of the world. With the excuse of security concerns Bangladesh’s tour of England built some of the players. One of the one-day captain Eoin Morgan. Morgan did not come, but the other players have come true. Still a little bit of fear in their minds worked.

The alarm went off, but all the foot of the England cricket team. The visiting team Moeen-batalarara impressed by the government’s security blanket. England was the first country on duoyanadete security blanket. They are satisfied with the security. Now for the third match in Chittagong feet more surprised Moeen-batalarara. So before the third match of the safety Moin said, “I have never seen before in any country so much security. Our tour is being given to the safety of one of the words in the world. The security was very good of them to do something no one wants to go beyond that. It’s a big thing. ”

So impressed with the security that the world will be encouraged to visit other countries here Moin says, “I really encourage other countries to visit Bangladesh and give encouragement. The extraordinary security. I can only guess, if other countries such security measures, to those who are suffering from insecurity would be interested in. ”

The third match of the team’s goals, as well as to talk about security says Moin, ‘race to the offensive play in the third match. Both parties will burn the last match. Bangladesh win six in a row at home. We want to lose them at any price. I know our players, especially our captain in no way want to win this game.



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