“Iftekhar film Mahi



Saiful Rahman Manik, the new film will be played mahiya iphatekhara-Mahi. Sadiq stay as a hero Simon. Saiful Rahman Manik said the film director.

He took pictures of my new Mahi has talked to several days earlier. Recently shown him the story. Mahi has agreed to acting. In a couple of days, we’ll deal with him. Soon we’ll start drsyadharana photo. The first will be drsyadharana Rajshahi.

Mahi said Manik brother has been talking about the new film. I liked the story. Therefore, it agreed to play.

Meanwhile, “Iftekhar ‘film starring Bipasha Pia was also heard. Saiful Rahman Manik said, we have spoken with Bipasha Pia. The main character of the film has been selected for the mahike. The film will be guest starring Bipasha Pia. The subject of our discussion is still going on with him.

“Iftekhar” The story of the film is built on love, a terrorist. Denouncing Saeed Khan wrote the screenplay.


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