Going to the World Cup: Messi



Argentina, despite their recent poor state of the field and the opponent was just better hope reliance Lionel Messi. Messi of Argentina won three of four matches to play. The only point in which Chile has forfeited the match ended in a draw, all mesibihina match. But when the wound coating depression mineirote Brazil matches, Messi, or what else can the day? The team lost, he did not score, in addition to the royal necklace of 3 golera quite restrained Messi after the match. Once retired Brazil player had abhimane not match the pain of loss, attention has myacaguloya front.

Before that, however, will look for ways to solve the root of the problem out, “We now need to change mentally. If someone is not mentally well, you can not move his legs. This situation must change. We did not expect this result. It could have been worse. Quite simply, today we are unable to keep pace on the counter. However, the possibility of us still depend on ourselves. You can not lose any more points, especially at home. We need a major change. “


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