Mahmudullah over the last hero again



Mahmudullah in the last over of the match again. Earlier, Rajshahi, Khulna Kings’ win over the Titans lost to the captain. Today, almost losing the match, the team’s magic wand ghuriye to jiteye all-rounder. Chittagong bhaikansera final overs needed just 6 runs. Riyadh took the ball into the hands of the last over again. He did more than just one run over. Bhaikinsara four runs and lost the match.

Chittagong Kings harala both matches in this tournament three times. Mohammad Nabi was the biphalei contest. Comilla took four wickets in the first match against bhiktoriyansera Prophet gave bhaikinsadera 29 runs. After taking three wickets in Khulna today Titans beat the ball into the hands of the precious 39 runs with the bat. He scored just 23 balls. However, the Afghan war was in vain. From the opposite happened, he could not help.

I was 25 and Chaturanga de Silva also scored Zahurul Islam. Taitansadera could not defend against these three great batting team Tamim Iqbal. After reading 5 wickets for 54 runs in Chittagong fruitfully, and the Vikings took the helm. 24 runs there early biparyayata restrain the two. He shared a 44-run partnership with de Silva. The partnership is almost certain to win the bhaikinsadera. However, over the last break was a dream come bhaikinsadera Riyadh.


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