Priyanka harass talk show! ( Video)



One of the most popular US television talk show have been victims of harassment take place in Hollywood to Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra. So the dance-music majiyechena Priyanka Indian audiences in mind, do not cut the lasyai harassed him in the face!

News that the popularity continues to rise day her! The increased popularity of Priyanka being brought one after another talk show. So far, beoyaca “not released, did not appear before Victoria Leeds, so Alex pyarisei got away with having to have the world.

The paramparatei Priyanka arrived on a popular US talk show. Assault must be knowing! Why not, show the name of the “Watch What Happens ayalam with skyandalasa! The talk show famous of people summoned host Tony goldauinahoyena and then throw them uncomfortable in the face.


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