Hafeez is back in the hands of the ball to overcome restrictions



Hafeez had a few months of pain. I can not force it on him in international cricket bat was dropped from the team for the home series against England. New Zealand teammates watched the game on TV at the Pakistani all-rounder.

Hafeez was the good news. He was allowed to bowl again. After his balls against Sri Lanka in July last year by the ICC against the ban. Earlier, Hafeez was suspended due to an illegal bowling action in 2014.

July 6 this year, the official test in Chennai bowling action, he said. According to experiments, while his bowling elbow exceeds 15 degrees. Since then, the ball was experimenting with a lot of Hafeez.

Finally got hatenatei parisramera result of being the star all-rounder. 014 against New Zealand in the first Test in Abu Dhabi objected to the umpires about his bowling action. However, the service could be running tests ‘The Professor’.


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