Trump has been appointed as the chief author of the US Trade Council


oWhite House National Media Council and the new leadership of Mr. Navarro will serve as director of trade and industry policies.Mr. Trump was an academic adviser during the election campaign.Mr. Trump’s book China and the China war and death, Mr. Trump, which is deeply critical of Chinese policy.A core issue during the election campaign, President-elect of the trade, with countries like China and Mexico criticize the institutions.He publicly criticized Twitter outbursts in China, to disrupt all other claims filed in recent devaluing their currency to the US competition,Presidential transition team, said the appointment of Mr. Navarro ”
Again, the great American President’s determination to produce evidence “.
Mr. Navarro said in a recent article for the San Francisco Chronicle, Mr. Trump was experiencing his first book was published, and after a lengthy correspondence, his campaign became a senior advisor.




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