Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas today to go home


The Dhallywood actor is scheduled to meet his wife Apu and son Abraham Khan Joy this afternoon, a day after he said he would accept his son, but not his wife.I was angry to see her (Apu) with my son before the television so suddenly. I couldn’t control myself.

Apu, who had disappeared for quite some time, yesterday revealed before the media that she married Shakib and they have a son. The highest-paid Dhallywood actor Shakib acknowledged the son to be his own but refused to accept Apu saying she was conspiring to destroy his career.

The actress made the disclosure in an exclusive live interview with a television channel yesterday.Apu’s revelation of her marriage with Shakib spread like wildfire.Their wedding took place at Shakib’s Gulshan house in Dhaka, Apu said. Their son, Abraham Khan Joy, was born on September 27, 2016, at a Kolkata clinic, Apu claimed.

The actress broke down in tears as she alleged that her husband Shakib had compelled her to remain silent about their marriage and their son for a long time.


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