Shakib said, I want to get rid of misunderstandings



He has spoken to his family and says the two will come to an understanding,” said Joy, who produced the movie ‘Bossgiri’.Though Khan had initially called a press conference on Tuesday to discuss the news of his marriage with actress Apu Biswas, he later said that no press conference had been planned.

Khan admitted that he fathered Apu Biswas’s child. “As such she must also be his wife – there is nothing to deny. They are a family and have been one, so there is no need for them to start a new one.

During the interview, Apu Biswas, who had been out of the spotlight for about a year, revealed that she married Khan in 2008 and the two had had a son last year.

Speaking to the press about the interview on Monday, Khan said he would take care of his son, but not Biswas.Apu Biswas, in turn, had responded that she did not need anyone to take care of her.She also spoke of an agreement when reached for comment on Tuesday afternoon.


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