Arrest warrant against Sanjay Dutt



This is the ex-husband married a few days. The buzz has begun for his marriage. Bollywood patalei ear heard, again, going to get married or Karisma Kapoor.

The vessels also a businessman. Sandeep tosiyani name. Mumbai’s business community is quite well-known in recent boyfriend Karisma.

To be heard, this year is going to recover or Karisma marriage. Sandeep’re just waiting for dissolution of marriage. Sandeep’s wife asita long before the divorce was agreed. Because of the lack of understanding of alimony.

Eight hundred thousand rupees monthly to Sandeep asita wanted. It is a flat in Mumbai. He wanted to keep them to yourself bharanaposanera responsibility.

However, the composition of the separation between the end of the eight crore was Sandeep and asitara. Sandeep will be free of leaks, then the first marriage. Then again, he bamdhabena alliance with charisma.


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