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Replica of Bangabandhu Satellite-1 has been handed over to the Prime Minister. At the beginning of the cabinet meeting on Monday, the Secretariat of State for Telecommunications and Information Technology Tarana Halim handed over a replica of the Cabinet Division, said in a press release. After the April 2018 launch of the satellite is expected to be able to start commercial activities in the government of Bangladesh.

On 1 October, the cabinet committee on government purchase of 015 Bangabandhu satellite ‘launch’ satellite systems’ purchase proposal was approved.

The satellite will have 40 transponders, which will be 0 and the rest of the rent for the use of foreign currency will be achieved. When this satellite launch foreign satellites rent of $ 14 million a year, is expected to save the government.

Space to build a satellite facility in France thalisa eliniya has completed most of the telecommunications officials.

Bangabandhu Satellite Project International Telecommunication Organization (ITU), “Recognition of Excellence” awards received.

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