Two bakapratibandhira love Facebook, the London-to-Moulvibazar



Love has become a country of time. The Love tanei social barriers to cross-lovers all over the world the story of the history of the union is not new.

A precedent was set up as an expatriate in London, Siraj Ahmad Moulvibazar and Habiganj district bakapratibandhi nabiganj upazila village muhiba pirijapura Uddin Panna third girl bakapratibandhi phabiha Khanom.

Their social media through Facebook identity. The identity of the friendship, and love. It reduces the distance to London Bangladesh and they are now bound to become married.

Moulvibazar Sadar upazila of the village of Haji Siraj ekatuna Union uluyaila Mokhlisur’s son. Siraj-emerald successful outcome in this story of love in the face of Moulvibazar. April 1 (Friday) has been set for their wedding day.

Siraj Uddin Ahmed cousin Moulvibazar District Youth Association president Alim Halim confirmed their marriage, Facebook deleted nearly two years. Khanom phabiha met emerald. The two became friends.

At one stage, to love each other, they both speech disabilities. They both decided to get married. In the last four days ago, mother and younger brother came home from London to Shiraz. Duparibarera came joint venture has been set for the wedding day.


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