Iuesatisira registrar’s resignation



He eventually resigned in the face of intense student at the University of Science and Technology Chittagong (USTC), the Registrar Professor. Badrul Amin Bhuiyan. He submitted a letter of resignation on Monday diyechenaabasya students from the beginning of the movement, he had to disagree. The two had been blocked since March, Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Nurul abacara morning, Registrar Professor. Badrul Amin Bhuiyan. Both day at 5 pm to the immediate resignation of all teachers and senior students bhisisaha demanded the resignation of all officials.

So USTC owners’ gives up on the leader, but as a stamp of bonds on April 6, the government ignored the rules. Bonds are established and maintained a private medical college principles 011 (revised) to all of the provisions of the law and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will play against USTC biemadisiera conditions. University Faculty of Medicine at the Medical College of USTC means or under Chittagong Medical University.
At the next meeting BMDC the agitating students and their movement than they have continued. Students were still blocking the road rally-meeting. According conversation with the protesters, USTC authorities of irregularities, corruption, udasinatara memorandum to the President of the remedies they are preparing.

Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC), due to irregularities in the USTC had imposed a total fine of Rs 4 crore. Last BMDC, BMA, Swachip, USTC four-party joint siddhantachila symbolic fine of 10 million will. Twenty times the money in March, the university authorities had agreed to submit to the state exchequer. Twenty March, but did not submit a deposit of three million has mucalekasaha 6 April.

However, BMDC has been closed during the last two in March. But the authorities did not fine any money at the state exchequer. The opportunity to pay in installments with the nation’s highest policy levels daumrajhapa consent. Thus the government has paid Rs 10 crore to the exchequer 3. Pay Order No. 6132859, 06042017, National Bank eyaliphenta Road branch and a half crore pay order No. 1370868, 06042017, a half million from Exim Bank eyaliphenta Road Branch.
3 crore has been submitted to the 5 th batch registration of such a document but still failed to obey authority. Students no longer trust the authorities repeatedly cheated rakhachena assurance assurance authorities. BMDC at the end of this week will be able to visit the 5 th batch registration or registration complications will be reduced to 3 million others.


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