“There is no old-world, I can take the challenge ‘



Bangladesh Film Artists Association, vice president of the election is going to be an actress Amrita Khan. It is believed that the election of the youngest actors amrtai as the organization’s “greatest” This election is going to be. “Amrita taking part in the elections,” since many of the news reports expressing concern that the truth was, again, the question for many is the ‘Amrita can do? ”

Amrita confirmed the news on Monday evening. He Danny sidaka Elias Cobra submitted nomination for election to the panel said. In contrast to the actor Amrita Silence ‘Games’ film debut was in the film dhallywood. He then released two more photos.

Amrita said, since I’ve heard a lot of questions, many of them, wanted to know whether or not I am selected. Select Yes of course, I love the challenge, a challenge and I do not back hottie. When my brother Danny sidaka take part in the elections for the post, said his panel saw, I thought, then I’ll take the part.

Amrita said, Brother Elias Cobra has selected me for this position because I have felt honored. And I did not want to give respect back. Since I still husband, no family, so I have no attachment. So this time I will be able to devote himself to the welfare of film artists. It’s a challenge, but I’m ready to take.


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