Poonam Pandey’s app is banned, pornographic viral



Salman Khan, Sunny Leone, Sonam Kapoor and Disha Patni have opened their own app. The controversial actress Poonam Pandey opened her app. His mobile app was launched for just one day. But a day after Google banned the app But still the content of the app has spread in the net world. Some fans posted some snapshots of a fan of the app. Since then, other fans have seen open picture of Poonam.

The viral picture shows that Google takes this step due to obscenity. Because the content of his app is open clothing, nudity and obscenity. But Google stopped its app even though it did not come to Poonam Pandey. He can do almost everything to make fans happy. And so even if it is not found in the Google Play Store, Poonam’s website is available on numerous pornographic photos of Poonam Pandey.

Poonam filed a complaint after the app was banned from Google. It is said that there are many Adult Magazines. There is no problem with the Playboy app, as far as Poonam App is concerned! But the plea of ​​Pune’s play-store policy did not go down. Google was informed that the app was canceled due to policy and obscenity.


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