Germany win the Confederations Cup

Chile did not get along with Germany Ewakhim Luv’s disciples won the Confederations Cup title for the first time by 1-0 in the Copa América champions. In the 20th minute, Lars Stindle scored the only goal in the final.

The Copa America won two titles in Chile, losing to Argentina in the tiebreaker. Alexis Sanchas-Arcto Viudalera could not take the game away from numerous opportunities and missed the game.

Chile reached the final for the first time in the Confederations Cup to be held in St. Petersburg on Sunday after the World Champions champions Vdal in the seventh minute, Edouardo Vargas lost his chance in the eleventh minute. In the 20th minute Germany’s Trat Marks-Andre Tore Stageen The young goalkeeper is a great attacker.

On the contrary, Steindall’s goal is to be a part of the Chilean slogan. Tommo Verna delivers Marcelo Dias, while Clavio Bravo was only in front. Overcoming the goalkeeper coming forward, instead of sending the net, the German forward ball increases the unprotected Stendall He did not miss the easy chance of sending the ball in the empty net.

Leaning back to the Chilean attack increases the chance, creates opportunities. But he could not break the concrete defense. On the one hand, Tare Stageen became the wall of China, on the other side, Chilean players were puzzling around the D-box.

In the 81st minute, Anhleo Sehgal got the easiest opportunity to get the momentum in a while. But for the next to be disappointed by many over the bars. At the time of adding, San Sebastian’s great free-kick was stopped by Tare Stagen. Germany also created opportunities for every attack. But they could not overcome Bravo. Germany, for the first time in the final to win the title of joy.

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