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One of the leading actors of Bangladesh That is why the use of the word ‘was’ is that the actress has not been seen acting since 2010. He has stepped down from acting. Dear visitors, Ipastita Shabnam Srabanti How are you now? This question is played by many.

It is known from 2010 that the actress has lived with husband Khorshed Alam in America since 2010. Two daughters Rabiya Alam and Arisha Alam, her world with husband and family. The time for giving time to the children, the desire to spend time with the roaming, shopping, friends and theater is the busyness of this actress. But it can not be sure whether the actors will return. Although he went through the news before going to America and would not return to acting any day. If you want to see what the audience is spending in faraway America, look at the pictures below.

Saying good, Srabanti first acted in the play ‘My milk mother’ under Atikul Haque Chowdhury’s direction. On the other hand, she became the first model to advertise ‘Bailey Keds’ in childhood.

Along with acting in small appearances, she got popularity with Mustafa Sarwar Farooqi’s ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Rang Nambar’ by Motin Rahman. In 2010, Nurul Alam Atiq appeared in the play ‘Daleim Kumar’ and was not seen in any new play.

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