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Swiss star Roger Federer won the eighth title in Wimbledon. This incredible incident happened in the second set. Marie Chilich floats in an all-pervading cassette in All England Club When Roger Federer’s opponent in any tournament of tennis is unthinkable More at Wimbledon. This tournament is just that of Federer, the Swiss star does not show any favor for the competitor, the visitors! But today against the cramped Chilean crooked Jutley Federer. Otkui Satta, who won 6-0, 6-1, 6-4 in Chile, won the record for the 8th time Wimbledon won the Fed Express.
Chillich won a game in the second set by just surveying the volley. The visitor’s instant love and condolences were also accompanied by his companions. Federer seemed to be very competitive for the opponent, but it was not enough to see the game. Federer did not give any chance to the Croatian star The injury that Chilich received, was understood in the middle of the second set. But Federer has shown the momentum before.
Chilean missed the first round of the match. Explaining the pressure that you are feeling a little bit, you lost the point when you returned. After winning the game he could not handle the pressure. Federer went on to break the third serve in Chile. Since then, only Chile has gone, and the best player of tennis has not touched. After winning the first set 6-3, Federer’s victory in the second set was more easily, 6-1.
Chillich took medical time out of the second set. Binded the new bandage on the legs, some medicines were swallowed. Seeing this, there was a light joke in The Guardian’s commentary. He said, Marin is taking care of Chile. But I’m not sure whether it is possible for a physician to be offered to any doctor in the world. Cillators are going to court to prove that Curs does not have the sole property of cricket.
The commentator has proved wrong in the equation. The movement of the feet has reduced the movement of the court. However, only the power of surveys made a little resistance to winning their surveys. He was fascinated by the struggles of the All England Club, who won the Federer’s wish to win. After the 3-3 draw in the third set, the final resistance was broken by Chile. Federer went ahead with the break It was only after the history was established that it was known only. William Rennes and Pitt were partners with Sampras in Wimbledon for seven times so long. Federer, the most successful male player in the All England Club,
He also took the number of his grand slam to 19. It also did not set any set in the whole tournament. Who will say that about 36 are going to be Federer? Wimbledon won the record for the most age at an early age. 36 number is scared again, the tired Federer does not make any announcements to build the record! Federer’s eyes were tears before he took the trophy, so his eyes were touched by his fans.



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