Ajay is coming with ‘Tanaji’


‘তানাজি’ নিয়ে আসছেন অজয় বাহুবলীকে টেক্কা দিতে

The bright name of Marathi history is called Tanaji Malusure. About three hundred years ago, his strong courage in the battle of Sinhagad remained a legend even today. Ajay Devas is bringing the brave warrior to Rupali screen.

Legendary tanaji on one hand, on the other hand popular actors like Ajay. The duo has created a lot of ambition. Already the poster of this photo shows ‘Tanaji’ – a shield with more help than the shield On its slopes, numerous arrows are going on. After that, Twitter responded with ‘Superb’, ‘Intense’, etc. All responded. But the best comment has certainly made one. Who said, ‘Who is Bahubali? I only know Tanaji.

In the context of Bahubali’s success, Rajaraja, sword, bow, arrow attraction has increased to the audience. But Bahubali is merely a fictional character. Tanaji in that place but historical character So it can be said that his application will reach the audience at a different level.

But touching the history of ‘Bahubali’ which has been written in two pictures, it will not be easy to touch any picture. But always knowing the highest level of work will be dreamed, it is also known. So visitors can hope that this picture will write a new work. But ‘Tanaji’ will have to wait to find out whether he can fulfill the hope. In the year of 2019, the release of this photo under Om Ruaut.


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