Now Musharraf will show Mahim with Karim


এবার মোশাররফ করিমের সঙ্গে মাহিকে দেখায়াবে

Mahin Mahi, another popular actress of the big screen, is coming in the film ‘Faltoo’ with the comedy comedy hero Musharraf Karim. Of course, this actress is not impressed by the comedy dialogue, it seems that fans can not be found in the country. He is the most popular and successful actress of small screen for several years. In addition to the drama, sometimes work on the big screen. There is also an equally successful multidimensional quality characteristic of this artist.

He has starred in many popular films like Joyjatra, Fable, Story of Cinnamon Island, Third Person Singular Number, Butterfly, Television, Jalal’s Story and Anonymous. Now he gets as a nominee
Mosharraf Karim’s new picture will be directed by Faltoo Wazed Ali Suman. Shooting from Gabtali bus stand, Sadarghat, Kamalapur railway station will start from Sep 7. Something will work in Bandarban. Other preparations have also been completed. Currently, Mosharraf Karim is in Malaysia. It is known that everything will be final after returning to the country.

Mosharraf Karim was born in Dhaka on August 22, 1972. But his ancestral home in Barisal He has received many awards for his outstanding acting skills. In 2008, he won the Best Male TV Actor Award for Critics of the Critics Award, for his performance in the 2008 Madame Alamari, Zarda Jamal, in the same year in the Tea Khoor drama.

Also in 2009, there is no light of the moon in 2011, Sikandar box is a big model in 2013, Panokhara in 2014, and Sikandar box in 2015, he won the Best Male TV Actor Award for his performance in the Meril Prothom Alo Award. Earn. Even in 2015, she won the prize for acting in the 19th edition of the Avalanka Film Festival of Portugal.


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