Tahsan-Mithila removed the divorce divorce post


তাহসান-মিথিলা বিবাহ বিচ্ছেদের পোস্ট সরিয়ে নিয়েছেন

Saragaram Media for the last couple of days with Tahsan-Mithila’s popular pair of local showbiz divorce These two stars were posted on Facebook on Thursday. But the post has already been removed from Facebook. On Friday, Tahasan and Mithila’s official Facebook page disappeared in the post of divorce.

In a joint post on Facebook, this celebrity couple wrote, “After several months of trying to resolve conflicts or disagreements between ourselves, we have decided that it is better to break apart than to maintain a relationship with social pressure.”

This post has to be widely criticized on Facebook after this post. In the post of Taasan’s Facebook page, there were 20 thousand comments, more than 10,000 people shared the post. It is believed that Taasan-Mithila removed Facebook post after experiencing this embarrassing situation.

No response was received even after contacting Taasan and Mithila on the phone to find out the comments. It is to be mentioned that, on 3rd August 2006, Tahsan and Mithila got married in a marriage ceremony. In 2013, the only child who came to their house, Ihra Tehheem Khan.

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