Chelsea won 3 goals


চেলসি ৩ গোলে জিতলো

Chelsea went on to win 3-0 at the end. In the second half, Mike Batsui scored his second goal for the team and his second goal.
Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal in the first half
Chelsea advanced 2-0 in the first half. Chelsea and Arsenal, the top two teams in the pre-season warm-up match in Beijing’s Beijing Olympic Stadium, Bird’s Nest, Chelsea, the current champion of the English Premier League, is not getting in front of the FA Cup winner Arsenal. Chelsea went on to win the win in the hot summer. Shortly before the break, Belgian striker Mickey Betsuai scored the second goal. One of his goals was canceled for offside. In the match, drinking water is allowed twice in half an hour. In 30 minutes, Arsenal goalkeeper Ashpina had to leave the field due to an unwanted clash with Chelsea’s Spanish star Pedro.
On the day of the trophy in Hong Kong, West Brom got 2-0, Crystal Palace became third in the tournament. The title of the title has now begun with the game of Liverpool and Lester City.

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